Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Attitude of Ignorance (let them drink coke?)

I have a lot of photos and they are mostly photos of same things from different angles. Also some of them are blurry. Sorry whoever is passing by but i was so excited about them and want to put them all!

As i mentioned before plasticine and the illustration finished(finally!)
These first pictures are from a work i've done one year ago. He supposed to be a villain. I think my favorite part of him is his hands. It was an end task for a short course in University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins. Course's subject was character design for animation and the tutor was (still) Vincent Woodcock. Such an amazing tutor and designer. For this plasticine work first we did some sketching for character design, detailed it  and modeled it approximately in 5-6 hours. It was so fun! In one year my villiain became a little hairy and filthy. He can blame me for the filth part  but hair is all Jambon (means ham in Turkish) who is my cat. As you can see on the villiain, Jambon has long gray hair:)

Making these took a couple of days. (by the way i have a full-time job as a web designer so i can only do these stuff after 7 p.m. or weekends) I stuffed iceberg and the sea with foil. Painted plasticine with gouache and illustration with watercolor.


  1. thank you Tango!:) merry christmas to you too:)

  2. You're wonderful, I love your art. I wonder, are you veggie and concerned about animal rights? In that case let me know, it would be an honor if I could invite you to the Moon Museum. You have a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love, as Martin Luther King used to say. I really love you.

    Elio Milay


    By the way, THANK YOU for joining the followers list there, so I could KNOW such a lovely woman.

    See you...


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  4. I haven't more Blogger accounts to join your blog and support it, I'm sorry. Just six.... :))))

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Elio thank you so much for your amazing comment. Believe me the honor is mine by meeting you and reading such amazing words. You definately made my day!

    Deeply moved by images in your blog http://moon-museum.blogspot.com/ even though couldn't understand the words. Your imagery language is quite strong. After finding out your other blogs now i can see you are truly a wonderful artist. Love the direct manner and style of your works.

    Unfortunately i am neither a vegetarian right now, nor much of a carnivore. But i am seriously considering to be a vegetarian and not comfortable with eating meat. I am DEFINITELY concerned about animal rights and also concerned about any kind of discrimination.

    I would be honored and love to contribute in any possible way related to our common concerns.
    I love you too. (Even more, for being a human who is able to say that. It is one more thing that shows your uniqueness)

  6. Look, my dear Aysim, we can do something. I invite you to the Moon, and everytime you travel there, please think about my little suggestion about your menu. You're a Leo, but not a lion... Grrrrooooaaarrrr... Right?

    (Casually the Moon was in Leo yesterday... anyway...)

    I'm really happy to meet you. Your illustrations are the kind of wonders my eyes love to see. It would be great if we could be friends and share energies and the fireeeee of our creativity...

    Wow, that sounds great. You inspire me! :)



  7. Ohhh, but I need an e-mail address to send the invitation! Please let me know, write to museoluna@gmail.com


  8. I love your art! I'm also passionate about illustration and want to go back to school for it. :) I will enjoy reading this blog for sure.

  9. Thank you so much for your kind comment Van! :) As soon as i've read it, trying to open your blog but having trouble to load it. I even tried the google blog search and found the correct search result (your blog's name is coming first when you write "thriftcore") It didn't work either. Hope i can open it next time :)

  10. Your work is so varied and the illustrations are so touching. I love your villain sculpture, he's wonderful! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, look forward to seeing more of your art ;) xx