Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My First Amelia's Magazine Contribution!

Some of my works are on Amelia's Magazine! I am so thrilled about it!
I know i am using so much exclamation marks but just can't help it :)

Along with illustrator Matilde's whose works are so marvelous and genuine, three of my works used.
The write-up is an interview with film director Henry Joost of Catfish, written by the loveliest talented writer Kat Phan. I also very much enjoyed her review of the same movie Catfish.

The funny thing is just two or three weeks before i listened an interview in BBC radio with one of the three guys who made this movie. (one of them is in it actually) So i was already a little bit familiar with the concept. But i was working at the same time. Listening news in english is something i do when i'm bored of listening music at work and funnily enough it soothes me :) It began with the intention of improving my english (hopefully). Anyway i didn't even catch who was the announcer interviewing but overall i thought "wow... Can anyone be more naive?" I was interested but didn't do any research, didn't even googled it. When i learned that the theme was the movie, then i researched it and found out it has a quite interesting plot.
Below you can see the works.

You can see the interview from here.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year to everyone!

I have a new illustration which colored with watercolor.
And an old one. Coloring with Photoshop.

Last week me and my mom went to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition in Pera Museum. It was fantastic. I am posting three photos but they are a bit dark. So i lighten them but for preserving the quality couldn't adjust too much. There is more in my Flickr account and also you can find photos from other exhibitions which were on display at the same time.From the other exhibitions "19th Century Russian Classics from the State Russian Museum Collection" was the one i enjoyed most.