Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My First Amelia's Magazine Contribution!

Some of my works are on Amelia's Magazine! I am so thrilled about it!
I know i am using so much exclamation marks but just can't help it :)

Along with illustrator Matilde's whose works are so marvelous and genuine, three of my works used.
The write-up is an interview with film director Henry Joost of Catfish, written by the loveliest talented writer Kat Phan. I also very much enjoyed her review of the same movie Catfish.

The funny thing is just two or three weeks before i listened an interview in BBC radio with one of the three guys who made this movie. (one of them is in it actually) So i was already a little bit familiar with the concept. But i was working at the same time. Listening news in english is something i do when i'm bored of listening music at work and funnily enough it soothes me :) It began with the intention of improving my english (hopefully). Anyway i didn't even catch who was the announcer interviewing but overall i thought "wow... Can anyone be more naive?" I was interested but didn't do any research, didn't even googled it. When i learned that the theme was the movie, then i researched it and found out it has a quite interesting plot.
Below you can see the works.

You can see the interview from here.

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